Thursday, October 22, 2015

For Family Fun:

I have a few more birth stories to share, and some posts in the hopper on other topics, but I want to digress for a moment to post a(n unpaid and sincere) plug for a really cool project. We recently subscribed to our friend Matt's new venture --, "Cool Little Coloring Books for Cool Little Humans" -- and Issue 1 was enthusiastically received by our entire family. Kid and grownup humans alike enjoyed looking at and coloring in Jim Stoten's inventive illustrations, and we're eagerly buying gift subscriptions for friends and extended family members while we wait to see what inventive outlines Issue 2 (
Artist: Scott Teplin) and future issues will hold.

What It Is is a monthly coloring book subscription. Each month a different featured artist creates a 24-page zine-format coloring book that is addressed and delivered to creative kids around the country (or adults -- you decide!).   

These are coloring books for people who: 
• love offbeat art 
• enjoy collecting zines and comics 
• like finding treasure in the mailbox 
• value time away from screens 
• would like to introduce creative kids to new artists

Issue 1 is shipping now and features the fantastic Jim Stoten. Issue 2, by Scott Teplin, will hit the mailboxes next month. 

Subscriptions start at $7 / month. You can get single issues, too:
*** Special deal for Birth Sweet Brooklyn readers: Use the code BIRTHSWEET to get 10% off *** (Thanks, Matt!)

~ More about why Matt started :