Antenatal/Prenatal Services

The following examples of doula care are neither exhaustive, nor all-inclusive.  Each client will have different needs, and help will look different for every family.  These examples are not a checklist of services that will always be provided.  They are meant only to help you think about what your needs might be.

Looking for help after pregnancy/birth/adoption?
Check out those services here. 

Individualized Prenatal Consultation and Care
How can I help you plan for conception, during pregnancy, or in expectation of a birth or adoption?

Sample Prenatal Services - "Before Baby" 
One-time consultations or ongoing support packages are available (starting at $50 per hour; travel feel may apply, based on location). Prepaid hours unused at the time of the birth can be applied to postnatal services. Prenatal support could be especially useful in a case of planned home birth, bed rest, adoption, surrogacy, or extreme pregnancy-related nausea or fatigue. Contact me to discuss your needs.
  • Exploring birth options, including home birth
  • Choosing your birth support team
  • Formulating a Birth Plan/Birth Preferences document
  • Creating a Postpartum Action Plan
  • Baby gear/registry consultation
  • Organizing small spaces to make room for baby
  • Setting up a nursery 
  • Planning for multiples
  • Sibling preparation
  • Care for older siblings and/or pets
  • Light housekeeping, organization, etc.
  • Preparation of "freezer meals" - for post-birth consumption
  • Building your "breastfeeding nest" 
  • Planning/shopping for labor/postnatal groceries and supplies
  • Short errands
  • Discussing your feelings on labor, birth, and parenting
  • Research/book recommendations/handouts on specific topics of interest
  • Discussing online and community resources, as well as professional referral options
  • Support through loss or life-limiting diagnosis
  • Preparation for and (if desired) accompaniment at planned cesarean birth   

In all situations, I strive to provide:
Active listening
Emotional support without judgment
An extra pair of hands
Helpful information
Connection to community resources and other referrals (when desired/needed)

Services Do Not Include
Medical/clinical services
Deep cleaning/furniture moving
Overnight support

*In person, phone, and email support available.*