Postnatal Services

The following examples of doula care are neither exhaustive, nor all-inclusive.  Each client will have different needs, and help will look different for every family.  These examples are not a checklist of services that will always be provided.  They are meant only to help you think about what your needs might be.

Looking for help before conception, during pregnancy, or otherwise in anticipation of birth/adoption? Check out those services here.

Individualized Postnatal Consultation and Care
How can I help your family after a birth, adoption, loss, or later in the first year?

Sample Postnatal Services - "After Baby"
Hours are prepaid, with a suggested package minimum of 15 hours, starting at the rate of $50 an hour (travel fee may apply, based on location). Visits tend to be 3-4 hours long. A prenatal home visit and a post-birth hospital visit (if applicable/desired) are included at no extra charge. If you need to extend care and add hours later, this is often possible. I am often able to be available to accompany families home from the hospital, or to join families at home after a home birth, to help everyone get settled in, if this would interest you. Please contact me to discuss your family's needs and desired schedule.
  • Newborn information and care
    • BSB-developed series of emails for parents, with information on birthing parent's recovery, family bonding, and baby's development -- daily for the first week, then periodically up to 3 months postpartum. 
    • Normalizing the rhythms of a newborn - from feeding to sleeping and beyond, including strategies to help everyone get more rest 
    • Help with understanding baby's cues (feeding, sleeping, bonding)
    • Showing baby soothing skills
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding/lactation support 
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Planning for returning to work and/or pumping 
    • Referral information for IBCLC/ENT in case of clinical issues
  • Family integration
    • Help with sibling(s) - care, activities, adjustment
    • Strategies for life with a toddler (or older child) and baby at home
    • Tips and activities to encourage bonding with and enjoyment of baby  
    • Parenting resources and coping strategies 
    • Marrying your newborn's needs with family schedules/routines
  • Postpartum care/recovery
    • Cesarean healing
    • Healing after vaginal birth
    • Baby care while parents rest or shower
    • Information on "Baby Blues" and postpartum depression
  • Around the house
    • Household organization
    • Light housekeeping and laundry
    • Management of after-birth visitors phone messages and emails
    • Digital photography
  • In the kitchen
    • Menu planning assistance
    • Grocery shopping
    • Ingredient prep to simplify future meals
    • Snack/Meal preparation (fresh or for the freezer)
    • Setting up a Meal Train for friends and family
  • In your neighborhood
    • Running short errands 
    • Accompanying a parent on a first outing with baby (first time nursing in public, etc.)
    • Accompanying a parent (or parents) and baby to doctor
    • Making referrals
      • support groups
      • parent/baby activities   
      • counselors
      • other specialists/professionals
  • Back to work or school consultation
    • Exploring childcare options
    • Creating pumping/feeding plans
    • Troubleshooting pumping/feeding concerns, gear, scheduling, etc.
    • Resources on your rights in the workplace or educational environment
  • And more!

In all situations, I strive to provide:
Active listening
Emotional support without judgment
An extra pair of hands
Helpful information
Connection to community resources and other referrals (when desired/needed) 

Services Do Not Include
Medical/clinical services
Deep cleaning/furniture moving
Overnight support

*In person, phone, and email support available*